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Selected Articles from our Email Newsletters

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Smoke Alarms: The First Line of Defense

Home fires are common and deadly.  The most common type of fire starters are cigarettes, and frayed electrical wires.  Laptops and even the sun's rays reflected through an empty glass can cause fire, a rare case but it happened.

Do you have the right kind of smoke alarms?  Do you know if the

Trends in Home Security

Some interesting statistics.  Estimates show that only 20% of homes have some form of security systems, those that do deter burglaries by 60%!  A home intrusion occurs every 13 seconds

Leaky Ductwork = Hole in the Wallet

Leaky ducts can cause 30% to 40% energy loss.  If summer and winter utility bills are unusually high, if there are stuffy rooms or rooms that are difficult to heat and cool; examine the ductwor

Tips for Proper Drainage

When it rains it pours, true with our recent monsoon events. Our prolonged drought welcomes the rain, but water can be an enemy.

Pool Safety

Pool safety is a year round concern.  Whether you are representing a seller or buyer (or you have a pool of your own!), review the pool environment with your client, what safety measures are in place, and then consider the following.  Avoid

Problems in the Crawlspace

In homes built on crawlspaces such as this one inspected by Criterium-McWilliams Engineers, it is very important that the crawlspace be accessed and inspected.

Blocked Condensate Pipes

Do you know what that rust stain on the side of the house above the window means? Should you care? Yes! It could mean HVAC problems.

This is caused by drainage through the secondary condensate pipe for the ir handler.