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Quality Assurance: Upper East Side, New York, New York


A multi-million-dollar townhouse, undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation.


Construction of any kind in New York City is challenging, by definition.  This project was particularly so, because the renovation was complex and the building code compliance requirements extensive. The owner had retained an internationally known architect (D ’Apostrophe) and one of the nation’s top five residential builders (Autun Contractors) to do the work. The architect retained Criterium Engineers to provide quality assurance services.  Working closely with the architect and the contractor (we had previously collaborated with both), we developed initial specifications and monitored the construction at all phases through its completion, to ensure that the owner’s design and construction quality expectations were met.


You judge a consulting engineering firm in part by the company it keeps. It is significant that these two premier companies (D’Apostrophe and Autun) have chosen to work with us.  Criterium Engineers can meet the expectations of the first-time home owners we serve and the most experienced and most demanding clients, because no one expects more from us than we demand from ourselves.

Home Inspections: REVEN Portfolio


Groups of single-family homes purchased for rental in various markets.


REVEN acquires portfolios of single-family homes for rental all over the country.  In addition to basic inspections evaluating the structures and major systems for those properties, the company needs estimates of repairs that will be required immediately and longer term, and it needs that information in a standard format that can be used with every group of properties the company purchases.  The reporting format Criterium Engineers designed summarizes that essential information, includes photos of all the properties and provides a standardized way for the client to review the relative condition of their properties.


Criterium Engineers provides services tailored to meet our clients’ needs.  For REVEN, this has meant, in addition to the customized reporting format we developed for them, our national network of affiliated engineering professionals able to conduct home inspections in any market in which the company acquires properties.  We have been working with REVEN for more than six years and have inspected more than 4,000 properties for them.