Property Condition Assessments and Environmental Site Assessments: Multiple Properties


Varied commercial properties in many different states.


The client, AEI Property Corporation, acquires properties for inclusion in real estate investment partnerships and trusts. Timing is a major challenge for these building assessments, because a fast turnaround is often required to meet securitization deadlines.  The varied locations and large volume create additional challenges.  Criterium Engineers evaluated 27 buildings for AEI in 17 states last year.  Because REITs are sold to investors, standard inspection reports must sometimes be modified to address specific investor concerns.  At AEI’s request, we added a “visual mold inspection” section to our reports, verifying that the inspection did not identify any evidence of mold.


Criterium Engineers has affiliated offices all over the country staffed by highly qualified engineers, ensuring a fast, professional response to client requests.  Senior engineers in Criterium’s corporate office review all property condition and environmental assessment reports to ensure that they meet both the client’s needs and the company’s standards for quality, consistency, and professionalism.  Our ability to provide the services clients need where and when they need them, customized to meet their unique requirements, explains why national companies like AEI rely on Criterium for a full range of consulting engineering services.