Quality Assurance: Stanford University Faculty Housing


This new residential development, located near and on the university’s Palo Alto campus, includes a multi-story building with 108 units, 45 single-family homes and 4 town homes, providing housing for Stanford faculty members and staff.


Sares Regis, the contractor, retained Criterium Engineers to provide quality assurance services for this complex construction project.  A six-sided envelope, multiple balconies and decks and a number of individual structural assemblies were just some of the challenges.  We conducted quality assurance inspections throughout the construction process focusing on every aspect of the buildings, from the foundations to the roofs.  We also prepared mock-ups of the window assemblies to test their watertightness (pre-installation) and to train construction workers on the correct installation techniques.


Criterium Engineers views education as an essential component of our Quality Assurance services.  Pre-construction training to demonstrate proper installation techniques, included when needed in our Quality Assurance reviews, reduces the risk of post-construction structural problems.