Transition Study: Traditions of America at Liberty Hill, Boalsburg, Pennsylvania


A 282-unit residential community with 139 detached, single-family homes and 143 attached townhomes.


The challenge in any HOA transition study is to distinguish between serious structural and design deficiencies that require attention, and deficiencies that should be noted, but don’t rise to the same level of concern.  In the “serious deficiency” category, our inspection identified flaws in the construction of the community’s clubhouse.  A Criterium engineer did a follow-up inspection after the transition study was complete, to verify that the contractor had made the necessary corrections.  In the “not so serious” category, HOA board members had identified problems in the landscaping of this 82-acre development that they thought might warrant a construction defect suit. We explained that the “deficiencies” they perceived were actually symptomatic of a new development and would cure themselves over time with proper maintenance.  The information and counseling we provided reassured the board about the condition of the property and helped the association avoid a legal battle it didn’t have to fight.


A Criterium Engineers transition study doesn’t just provide the detailed information HOA boards need about the condition of the association’s property; it also provides the perspective they need to evaluate that information and make decisions based on it.  Our engineers don’t just analyze condominium buildings; they advise and support the boards responsible for managing them.